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Launching Australia’s first pop-up avocado café

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Australian Avocados (Good Fat)


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How do you launch Australia’s first pop-up avocado café at a time when prices were at an all-time high and the fruit symbolised millennial financial frivolity?

Bite was briefed to create a PR campaign to support the launch of Good Fat – Australia’s first pop up avocado café.

Our job was to nip pricey perceptions in the bud, get people through the door and showcase an avocado’s versatility beyond toast.

Our challenge was to navigate a media environment that for the 12 months prior had seen avocados as the unwitting star of a viral national conversation about housing affordability, initiated by demographer Bernard Salt. While our core job was to position avocado as a healthy, versatile food for everyday meals, the generational war was a hook we would need to navigate.

Our solution was to recruit the ‘Avo Gate’ creator himself, Bernard Salt, to be Good Fat’s unofficial ambassador. Bernard managed the conversation and effectively shifted it away from housing affordability to Australia’s love for avocados.

The campaign was an outstanding success, delivering both national and international media coverage across all major media outlets. The result drove +5,500 people through the doors during the four week opening, and saw sales spike with an additional 500kg avocados sold.

“Whoever is doing the PR for avocados needs a medal”

Channel 7, Sunrise team

Australian Avocados (Good Fat)


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Australian Avocados (Good Fat)


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Australian Avocados (Good Fat)
Australian Avocados (Good Fat)
Australian Avocados (Good Fat)
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