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Driving awareness of the benefits of low GI diets

Glycemic Index Foundation

GI Foundation


Glycemic Index Foundation – promoting a low GI diet


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Fad diets dominate the health and wellness discussion.

So how do you cut through with a credible, scientifically proven healthier way of eating that doesn’t have the ‘quirky’ factor?

Capturing attention and enabling trial of a low GI diet is about a smart, longer term strategy. It isn’t a fleeting fad diet. It doesn’t restrict foods, it provides a simple way to make healthier choices every single day.

We drive the consumer communications strategy for the Foundation.At the heart of our program is our digital ecosystem where we recruit and nurture low GI followers. True integration and the layering of insights across platforms – including social, CRM, SEO, SEM, website, influencers and media-enables us to create opportunities for consumers to engage with the science, in a language they understand, in a way we know will resonate.

This approach has seen the Foundation reap the benefits of a strong, highly engaged following. Key performance metrics are up to 20x better than the industry average.



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Gi Foundation Brand
Gi Foundation Brand
Gi Foundation Brand

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